Greetings everyone!

The Gunnery Reading Challenge has now ended and I would like to take a moment to thank all those who participated. The results for First Fleet for the number of pages read are as follows:

HMS Hector: 167,427
HMS Peregrine: 61,854
HMS Rigel: 43,366
HMS Penelope: 41,826

The next challenge begins today, May 30th and runs to August 30th. It is the Physical Training Challenge. The rules of this challenge can be found here. For this challenge we will be using the smart phone app Charity Miles. In the app, each ship of First Fleet has had a team created for them. Please make sure you add yourself to the #TRMNHMSPenelope team. A quick how to for the app is here.

Our next crew meeting is going to be held on June 10th starting at 12pm. We will be meeting at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium,, located at 180 Little Neck Rd, Centerport, New York 11721. We are planning to enjoy the grounds and take in one of the Planetarium Shows. The admission price is $13.

HMS Penelope has made the move to the TRMN Forums, Our ship’s forum can be located here, Use your Medusa username and password to log in to the forums. The TRMN facebook groups TRMN Announcements and Orders, and The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association have been archived at this time per the Admiralty Order 1703-03. Our fleet and ship facebook pages will stay active.

Rachel Nevins, CE, QBM
Commander, RMN
Executive Officer, HMS Penelope (BC-585)