Good Morning Crew!

There are two interconnected events going on throughout the fleet that everyone is invited to participate in.
– Run for the Cats Virtual Race to support Big Cat Rescue (

– Miles Tracking from October 8th to November 30th

To take part in both, you must be registered for Run for the Cats by November 20th (the deadline) and log your miles in our official miles tracking spreadsheet (see the link below). You do not need to be registered for Run for the Cats to start tracking miles, you just need to register at some point so when I get the list of registrants when the race closes you are on the list. (This miles tracking is not required to participate in our Run for the Cats Virtual Race – we are adding this on for some fun competition in conjunction with Run for the Cats).
Do I have to run? Absolutely not. You can run, walk, elliptical, swim, dance, bike … any kind of movement. And you can track your daily steps and use those! Use these equivalencies:
· Running or walking 1 mile = 1 mile for tracking.
· Biking 3.5 miles = 1 mile for tracking.
· Swimming 1 mile = 4 miles for tracking (or ¼ mile swimming = 1 mile for tracking).
· For elliptical, dance, or other cardio, 10 vigorous minutes = 1 mile for tracking (vigorous means your heart rate is continuously elevated).
· If your tracker does not convert steps to miles, use 2,000 steps = 1 mile.
How do I track my miles? Go to our spreadsheet and find the worksheet for your ship and enter your name and miles. Remember we are tracking miles not steps – use the conversion for steps. Your miles must be entered on the spreadsheet by December 3, 2016.…/102sMOZGgZbUHU-hkb_zTsTrjy4…/edit…

Hope to see as many as you involved for some fun, some support of our official charity and some friendly competition within First Fleet.

CPO Kate Regina
Bosun, HMS Penelope