Let me start with an apology. I have been slow with the latest edition of the AHQ. It was unavoidable, but hopefully wo’t be a recurring event.

1) Two of Penelope’s crew have earned the SWP. LCDR Dame Jessica Ackerson has earned the Officer’s, and SP3 Kate Regina earned the Enlisted. Both of these represent hard work and stick-to-it-ness of the highest degree

2) LCDR Dame Jessica Ackerson has also earned the Rifle High Expert award. It is granted for playing in 50 games of a land based tactical game. Being awarded it at the same time as OSWP leads me to wonder how she can manage her time so well. Congratulations, ma’am.

3) If you want to be part of the USS Intrepid trip on 28 July and haven’t signed on, you are almost out of time. You can find out about it on the First Fleets FB page.


This is an Admiralty house/First fleet event, but it is in our backyard. If you are going, please consider volunteering to assist the operation and bring honor to yourselves and our ship.

4) I know of some success among a group of crew members who gathered together to work on exams together. An HMS Penelope study group. If there are any others who would like to try thier hand at that, drop me a line at this email address.  I will attempt to match up those geographically near each other. No promises, just another service of your friendly neighborhood bosun.

As always, do it all with Honor.

CCOX(FMF) John Rebori
Bosun, HMS Penelope