Welcome to the Memorial weekend edition of AHTQ.

1) LCDR Jessice Ackerson has been raised a Knight Commander of the Most Regal Order of Queen Elizabeth. Let’s hear a round of cheers for the henceforth LCDR Dame Jessica Ackerson. Congratulations, Ma’am
2) It is also the weekend of Manticon, so if you are interacting with any of the TRMN bureaucracy remember that they will be slow and hard to reach. Unless, of couse, you are at the convention and can catch them face to face,
3) Lastly, this is Memorial Day weekend. Everyone,please, have an enjoyable holilday and be safe out there. And also, sometime this weekend amidst your start of summer enjoyment,, spare a moment for those “Still On Patrol”, thank you.
CCOX John Rebori
Bosun, HMS Penelope
ex-USN Pegasus