Both over due and important entries today. Some both.

1) Apologies for being late with this one, I’m afraid RL took a bite out of me but I should have gotten it out. Congratulations to Spacer 2nd Class Jessica Ackerson, having finsihed time in grade and exam requirements she was promoted 8 days back. My apologies for the delay, and a Bravo Zulu for the work you’ve done to reach your current position. Remember to Honor The Queen in all your work.

2) For those who missed the posting on FB, BuComm is reporting they will shortly be printing the physical membership cards. To facilitate this, everyone is requested to log onto Medusa at and verify your personal information, Especially look for extraneous entries n your name. There has apparently been an issue with that in the past. I will pass on more information as it becomes available.

3) Don’t forget to enter your data for the 100 miles challenge. Let’s not let Spacer Regina have to run out there all by herself.

CCOX John Rebori
Bosun, HMS Penelope