A short set of announcements today, but important ones.

1) First some housekeeping. We are drawing near to the end of the Gunnerry (reading) Challenge. Come 30 APR, I have to turn in the final report. That report will be going in between 1600 and 1700 EDT. (4PM and 5PM). Should I receive your reports later than that they will not be included. If you have any outstanding reading you would like to report, send it to me and we’ll get it set up.

2) Most importantly, a well deserved Bravo Zulu to CR3 (FMF) Jessica Ackerson who today was awarded her Space Warfare Pin. The SWP is not an easy item to earn, it requires quite a bit of tenacity and effort. She brings honor to the Queen, our ship, and mostly to herself with her efforts. All hands please offer her your congratulations.

CCOX John Rebori
Bosun, HMS Penelope