Don’t get to use that “-2” for a second all Hands message in a day often. Cool.

1) A reminder to all that the ship is taking part in the First Fleet Gunnery Challenge. It is a reading challenge and we need you to report to the Bosun any books you complete reading by 30 April. Any book counts. Science Fiction, textbooks, history, mystery, whatever it is. If you need help figuring it out, contact me. I’m here to help with any problems you need.

2) The following two three month challenges will follow on directly. The first is the Training Challenge. The goal is to have as many crew men as possible be trained up to their rank, and have taken a specialization exam. More details will follow. The rules are available from the files section of The Royal Manticoran Nave FB page. I can pass you copies by email should you not be able to reach the FB files.

3) The final Challenge for the year is the Space Warfare Challenge. We will be striving to get as many as possible of the crew qualified to wear the Space Warfare PinĀ  It is similar to the Training Challenge, but it requires a number of exams passed from a menu of choices. Both challenges only count those who are qualified at the end date of the Challenge.. So you can get a jump on them now and take your time getting there. Again, should you have ANY questions, contact me.

4) A couple of files are available to help you track your exams. and progress towards the SWP. I’m attaching two of them to this email.

5) Finally, the ship’s website is available. Steer to

And watch for First Fleet announcements at:

And as always

For the Honor of the Queen

CCOX John Rebori
Bosun, HMS Penelope