Some important information in today’s POD.

1) A reminder that we are in the last week of the Gunnery Challenge. I need all the reports on your reading to me by 5PM on Saturday, 10 APR. I need to pass it on to the Fleet coordinator by the end of that day.

2) The SMCPON, the head Bosun of the whole TRMN has requested all we lower Bosuns answer a survey. Basically to know how all of you feel about your TRMN experience. I’m including the questions here and asking you all to take a few moments to answer them and send your responses to me. I will aggregate the responses to just how many of each and pass that laundered data on. Responding is NOT, I say again, NOT mandatory. Feel free to answer some, all or none of the questions. The goal is only to get a rough overview of how things are going.

1. Promotions and awards are occurring as they should on my ship
Yes/sometimes/no/Other (please specify)

2. The Fleet command team is responsive to concerns or questions
Very much yes/Yes/Sometimes/Neutral/No/Very Much no/Other (please specify)

3. The Bureau staffs/Space Lords are responsive and professional
Very Much So/Yes/Neutral/No/Very much NOT so/Other (please specify)

4. The First Lord of the Admiralty and their Staff are responsive and professional
Very Much so/Yes/Neutral/No/Very much NOT so/Other (please specify)

5. The enlisted and new members of my chapter seem to feel welcome and involved
Very much so/yes/neutral/no/Very much not so/Other (please specify)

6. The general mood of the members of my chapter is
Happy/Bored/Unhappy/Hostile/Content/Unknown/Other (please specify)

7. The Chapter feels supported by TRMN
Very much so/yes/neutral/No/Very much not so/Other (please specify)

8. I feel I have the tools I need to be a bosun properly.
Very much so/Yes/No/Very much NOT so/Other (please specify)

9. It feels like it is okay to be or remain enlisted in TRMN
Yes/No/Other (please specify)

10. The overall Health of my Chapter
rated 1-10/0 or worse/Other (please specify)

CCOX John Rebori, RMN

Bosun HMS Penelope (BC 585) jrebori682 [at] gmail [dot] com