1. Some housekeeping. Finally the HMS Penelope bosun email address is straightened out. It appears above as the to: address for this email. It is bosun [at] hmspenelope [dot] trmn [dot] org should the one above not be clear. Effective immediately after this email, all emails from the bosun will originate at that address. This yahoo address will be guarded for incoming messages until 0001 1 Jun 2016 to allow everyone to get the word and make any needed changes… After that point, this channel will close and go dark.
  2. The following crew have been decorated for their work at the recent L.  I. Geek con.
    1. Commodore Zach Perkins, HMS Penelope
      Lieutenant Commander Andre Tessier, HMS Penelope
      Lieutenant (Senior Grade) Rachel Nevins, HMS Penelope
      Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Michael Ciaravella, HMSS Greenwich
      Chief Petty Officer John Rebori, HMS Penelope
  3. For those who may not know LT(JG) Ciaravella’s prior assignment was as the previous bosun for HMS Penelope. Congratulations to all.
  4. Reminder, we are in the last month of the Gunnery Challenge. We are facing some stiff competition. It is time to bring all tubes to bear. Get your reading lists in to the bosun so we can report our progress. 30 April is the final report to Fleet.
  5. Lastly, anyone who can, please send an email to the new bosun address, so we can be sure communications are working both ways.